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Happy Fathers Day!


hi i am Rand and i am london!!!!   got to see london eye!!! i heard big ben voice !!!!!! ! !! !!!   what elese is new that happy fathers day!!!!!!!! !! !!! 

the olympic competation by Rohail


Hi everybody in my new school we’r having a olympic competation do you want to know what is it? well you need to desighn your own favoriete sport poster and did a tekwondo person like this.

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at the weekend by mahnoor


At the weekend my cusion came to stay. His name is Momin. We went to lots of places with him.We went to lots of places with him  We went to Chorlton water park and the trafford centere.We had a lot of fun. At the trafford cenere we had lunch and ice-ccream. at the park we went […]

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To my class by kaya


Hi class its me Kaya so its nearly the air raid shelter trip I hope everybody behaves themsevles!

all about ChurchIll by Alex


Who is Churchill? He was a conservative and statesman, known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the World War 2. Where is Churchill from? He was born in Blenheim Palace, Woodstock on the 30th of November in 1874. How is Churchill linked to World War 2? He was prime minister of Britain. His […]

All about Nelson Mandela. By kaya


All about Nelson Mandela By Kaya Smith Nelson Mandela  was born in Tanskei in south Africa  July 18th 1918 . He will be 94 this year. He fought equal rights he wanted black people to have the same rights as white people, he spent alot of his life in prison for fighting the leaders trying to […]

The magic ball by Alex


Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl the boy was called Jack and the girl was called Amber. Jack was 7 and Amber was 8.In the morning they got up and heard a strange noise from outside they sneakely tiptoed outside and there glowing in the light was a magic ball […]

Hi there.by Rand


    Hi gues Tomorrow I well go back to school!!!!!!! I am Rand

the 3 dogs by Alex


Once upon a time there were 3 dogs one was called James,Jack  and Jake.They were all 2 years old.Once there mother called “boys! bed time!” but,they  said “no” but there mother refused that answer because every time she said “boys bed time” they said no so she shouted at them.Suddenly,they began to cry so there mother […]

The ugly beast by Laiba.


One frosty morning a ugly beast woke up after hibernating. He told his mum he wanted to see all the countries and city’s. But when he got there everyone laughed and laughed also they got stick and swords and started to fight him. “WAIT”! a little girl said her name was Sophie “Stop he is […]

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